I am a linguist in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at University of California, Santa Barbara, and my main interests are phonetics/phonology, language change and translation.

In recent years I have also been active in the field of Basque Studies, for which I am honoured to have been recently re-appointed Barandiaran Chair of Basque Studies.

I work on Romance languages (Spanish, Northern Italian dialects) and on Icelandic.

I am currently the head of the Iberian Linguistics Programme, of the Phonetics Lab, and I am Faculty Graduate Advisor in my department. I am also affiliated faculty at the University of Iceland since 2014.

Here is the link to Basque Events organised at UCSB.

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Contact information:

Viola Miglio

Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese

University of California, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA 93106

e-mail: miglio the-usual-symbol spanport.ucsb.edu

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