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Alfresco Digital Workspace

Accelerate user adoption – give them a consumer-like experience

Content Services systems provide powerful solutions, and often come with user experiences that expose this rich feature set. While some users can use the full power of the platform, these rich UIs can overwhelm others. Complexity can lead to lower user adoption and create a huge problem for organizations.


The Alfresco Digital Workspace is different. Users get a modern, streamlined user experience for file management. Developers can safely develop extensions and plugins for bespoke solutions that let users complete complex tasks and drive business efficiency.



Alfresco Digital Workspace Features

Intuitive Interface, Industrial Strength Platform

Accelerate user adoption with a modern, intuitive experience out of the box, optimized for common tasks—all powered by an enterprise-grade platform. Users can easily upload, download, and search for content—and collaborate with others. They can create public, moderated, and private libraries and define granular access rules for other users at an individual user or group level.

Built on Alfresco Application Development Framework

The Alfresco Digital Workspace is built on the Alfresco Application Development Framework and provides comprehensive extensibility and customization options. Organizations that need additional capabilities gain a faster time-to-value by building tailored end user experiences with a modern extension framework on top of a supported application.

Integrated Records Management

Alfresco Governance Services functionality is fully integrated into the Alfresco Digital Workspace. End users can view, move, or delete records, and declare documents as records from a contextual right-click menu. Organizations gain an unmatched combination of simplicity and control to reduce business risk and strengthen compliance.

Benefits of the Alfresco Digital Workspace

Faster time-to-value

Better user adoption

Enhanced workforce efficiency

Easy to extend

Make the most of Alfresco Digital Workspace

Deployment Options

Alfresco Digital Workspace can be deployed using Docker images that are packaged in Helm charts or using Docker Compose. It can also be installed using standard WAR files contained in the distribution zip.

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Configuring Digital Workspace

Alfresco Digital Workspace has a central configuration file to tailor the application easily and without making any code changes. No server restart is needed, users will see the changes once their pages are reloaded.

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Developing Extensions

Alfresco Digital Workspace provides a comprehensive extensibility framework and allows you to customize the Navigation sidebar, Toolbar, Info drawer, Viewers, and Content metadata.

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Archiving Documents to AWS S3 Glacier

Alfresco Digital Workspace provides end users with a simple way to archive and retrieve files from Amazon S3 Glacier, a long term, low cost archive store provided by Amazon Web Services.

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Records Management Integration

Alfresco Governance Services capabilities are all available in the Alfresco Digital Workspace. End users can view, move, or delete records and can also declare files as records from the right click menu.

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Single Sign-On (SSO) Support

Alfresco Digital Workspace supports Single Sign-On with the Identity Service. End users can access Alfresco applications in a single browser session by signing in only once to any of the applications.

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