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Alfresco Content Connector for SAP

Reduce Storage Costs in SAP and Free the Content that Drives your Business

SAP handles huge amounts of your critical data. Invoices, bills, contracts – information that workers need to access every day. Offloading unstructured content from SAP to Alfresco can massively reduce your storage costs. To make the most of all that content, you need a collaboration tool that lets you share information effortlessly. A tool that quickly and easily integrates with any SAP installation, and scales as your business grows. The SAP-certified Alfresco Content Connector works seamlessly with your SAP environment, no matter which modules or tools you're using.

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Alfresco Content Connector for SAP - Features

SAP-certified business solution

“Certified by SAP” means that all criteria and standards are met as required for communication with the SAP HTTP Content server via SAP ArchiveLink protocol. Even the performance is part of the certification process. The product is listed within the SAP SLD.

  • Seamlessly integrated into the SAP environment
  • SAP HANA / SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) support
  • Integrates with SAP S/4HANA.  SAP Fiori-ready

Learn more about the benefits of the Alfresco Content Connector for SAP

Alfesco's SAP-certified Connector can help you cut costs and break critical business information out of SAP-specific processes

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how you can reduce operating costs and unlock the potential of your unstructured SAP content with Alfresco.


Technical Brief

Learn more about the features of the Alfresco Content Connector for SAP, including:

  • Supports all ArchiveLink Scenarios based on SAP HTTP-Content Server, including managing incoming documents (such as invoices), outgoing documents (such as order confirmations), data archiving (ADK), print list archiving (e.g., quarter-end report) and data retention tool (DART)
  • Metadata replication by default
  • Extendable by integrated framework
  • HTTPS support
  • Multi SAP system support
  • Supports SAP document finder and SAP solution manager
  • Single sign-on (SSO) support
  • Clustering support


Read the technical brief

Watch the Demo Video

Watch this demo video to watch the Alfresco Content Connector for SAP in action, and see the end-user experience in both SAP and in Alfresco. This example uses an invoice to show how documents and notes can be stored in Alfresco, directly from within SAP.


Which SAP systems/versions can be integrated with Alfresco?

Alfresco supports SAP R/3 and S/4HANA, up to the latest versions.

Why is it important to offload unstructured content to a content repository?

SAP typically stores unstructured content (documents) in an SAP table space. Unstructured content has high costs associated with DB storage and DB maintenance.

What is the benefit from the Alfresco Content Connector for SAP not requiring any installation/customization on the SAP side? Why is this so important?

Alfresco does not do installation/changes to your SAP system (no Z-table, Z-transaction, Z-… ), we are only based on SAP standards, configured via standard customizing transactions.

Is this product certified by SAP?

Yes, Alfresco holds a certificate for the content integration (S/4-BC-AL 7.40 – Certified Integration with S/4HANA) and process integration (CP-APP-DPL 1.0 – Certified Built on SAP Cloud Platform).

How much time will I need to start with SAP-Alfresco?

With the fast start program, you can get started within hours.

Is the Connector solution on-premises, or in the cloud?

The solution can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, as a Platform-as-a-Service, or as a hybrid option.