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Federated Content Management - Content Federation and Manage in Place

Gain a single view of information across content siloes

Content chaos, or content sprawl, results when documents are stored in multiple repositories, in different business applications, or on network drives. While a single repository can offer significant advantages and “a single source of truth,” the large migration effort can be risky. Alfresco Federation Services avoid the risks of complex migrations and lets users find and manage information faster across more than 60 leading business systems and content repositories such as Documentum, OpenText and IBM FileNet as well as network drives and emails.

information across content silos

Federated Search

Access content across systems from Alfresco without a bulk migration.

  • Single source of truth – enterprise-wide content is available through one system
  • Powerful Alfresco search and discovery extended to other systems
  • Users work in the environment they are accustomed to
  • Extend Alfresco use cases across repositories for a 360 degree view. For example, enable enterprise-wide case management
  • Intelligent migration – Configure rules that migrate content to decommission older systems over time
content federated search
Solve your top enterprise content challenges with modern information governance

Users can’t find content? RM policies and access controls are not adequately managed across silos? No one is sure what information needs to be retained—or for how long? Download our eBook to learn how Federated Search and Manage in Place services can help tackle these challenges and more.

Manage in Place

Gain centralized control over content and records distributed across different systems with Alfresco Governance Services and Alfresco Federation Services.

  • Increase user adoption: access and manage content in its current location (“manage in place”) from a single user interface
  • Apply retention policies consistently: gain centralized control over content and records that are distributed across different systems. Easily identify which records to archive or destroy, and which require constant access
  • Increase compliance: deliver the right information to the right users at the right time, and meet records management and open government compliance standards worldwide, including ISO 15489, ISO 16175, FOIA, U.S. DoD 5015.02 CH2 and CH3, VERS, EgovG, and MoReq
  • Easier, faster eDiscovery: place content on Legal Hold (lock in remote systems); export in Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) XML format to ingest to eDiscovery systems
data manage in one place

How Alfresco Federated Content Management Services Work

Watch this video to learn how content federation can help you resolve the challenges of managing content and records across information siloes.

Intelligent Content Migration

Migrate content over time, with minimal disruption to mitigate migration risks:

  • Migrate in the background with minimal disruption to the business, processes or users. Whenever a document is opened by an end-user, it gets immediately migrated to Alfresco
  • Once the Intelligent Content Migration is verified as complete, the legacy systems can be switched off and the organizations can benefit from a single central content repository
  • Alfresco offers a proven migration tool when a bulk migration is required to decommission a legacy system immediately
Intelligent Content Migration

Content Federation and Manage In Place FAQ

What is Content Federation?

Content federation provides end users a single location to access all of the business information in the enterprise across existing repositories and business systems.

What is meant by “Manage in Place”?

“Manage in Place” provides end-users access to content that is managed in its current source location so organizations can keep all content under enterprise-grade records management control.

What are the benefits of Content Federation and Manage-in-Place?

Content sprawl across multiple repositories and business systems is a challenge many organizations face today. Alfresco Federation Services provides end-users an enhanced experience to easily find and manage content in their current locations via the Alfresco user interfaces. Organizations gain increased compliance by putting federated content under Records Management control.

How can Alfresco help me with Content Federation and Manage in Place?

Alfresco Federation Services connects to more than 60 of the world’s leading business systems and content management applications like Documentum, OpenText and IBM FileNet as well as network drives and emails.