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Extend the platform

Quickly build bespoke applications with a proven set of developer tools

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is open by design, with a modular architecture and extensive open APIs. This makes Alfresco the perfect choice for organizations that want to further extend the platform’s capabilities and adjust it to their specific use case. Whether developing custom applications or extending the repository capabilities, our developer tools provide a rapid development environment and are proven to reduce time to value.

Alfresco Application Development Framework

Rapidly create modern, responsive applications on top of Alfresco Content, Process and Governance Services which dramatically accelerate time to business value.

  • The client-side Application Development Framework uses Angular to provide a wide range of highly configurable, re-useable content and process service components based on Angular Material design.
  • Use your preferred development tools with Alfresco JavaScript API library which is framework agnostic and makes utilizing process and content REST APIs easy.
  • Save time with Angular CLI and Yeoman generators which quickly create an application project with the required services and components.
  • The Alfresco Digital Workspace, built with the Alfresco Development Framework, gives users the consumer-like experience they want, backed by the power of an enterprise platform.

Learn more about the Alfresco Application Development Framework

Open standards, open APIs

The Alfresco Platform has an open-source core and fully embraces open standards, making it easy to integrate, extend and customize for specific industry needs.

  • Unmatched support for open standards, including CMIS, CIFS and WebDAV.
  • Public REST API supporting the OpenAPI specification for simple, easily maintained customization and process automation.
  • Enhanced developer experience with the Alfresco Events SDK.
  • Open at every level, including the repository, web interface, cloud and mobile apps.
Alfresco Digital Workspace

The Alfresco Digital Workspace provides users with a consumer-like, web-based experience when using the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. Devised for workforce efficiency, the Workspace gives users quick, easy access to files and workplace items. The Workspace is built on the Alfresco Development Framework, so it can be extended with custom functionality, meet specific user needs, and enhance your core content management capabilities.

Working with a technology partner to extend the platform

Our technology partners use their industry knowledge and expertise to build tailored solutions on top of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. Alfresco partners are certified on all aspects of Alfresco technology and provide specialist industry experience to support you in rolling out, integrating, and extending Alfresco.