Alfresco Support is about a relationship

Your organization is constantly changing; from changes in staff and systems to new partners, new offices, and new devices, you live in a dynamic world. For a digital business platform to be successful, it must be adaptable.

Alfrescoのソフトウェアサポートは、現実の利用環境を支援することを目的としています。ご利用のソリューションがDigital Business Platformの場合でも、Content ServicesProcess ServicesGovernance Services、あるいはこれらの組み合わせの場合でも、サブスクリプションをご契約いただいているお客様はオープンソースコミュニティの最高の革新技術を活用することができます。さらに、環境の運転試験や、認定資格の取得、資格を基幹業務環境で使用する際のサポートサービスもご利用いただけます。また、Alfrescoコミュニティに参加し、プラットフォームの開発に協力することもできます。

What do I get for my subscription?

The Alfresco Digital Platform delivers the confidence of a tested, supported and certified enterprise-class platform combined with a relationship with Alfresco. Your subscription includes:

  • サポート

    Leverage trusted support from Alfresco experts

    • Offered with a range of SLT options
    • Guaranteed availability
    • Call tracking and bug prioritization

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  • Upgrades and maintenance

    Ongoing tracking and monitoring of your important technical issues

    • All future upgrades
    • Bug fixing and service packs when needed
    • Patch distribution with back porting

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  • Fully tested

    Ready for enterprise environments with the highest stability demands

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  • Certified Platform Stacks

    So you always have the confidence of knowing Alfresco works with the critical software in your enterprise

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  • Customer Support Portal

    Quickly access Alfresco experts who understand your environment

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  • Enterprise System Documentation

    Advanced knowledge and best practices for enterprise environments like yours

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